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Sister of Nakuru Student Killed by Stray Bullet Painfully Recounts Their Last Moments.

A Nakuru family is crying for justice after their daughter, 19, was killed by a stray bullet.

Whitney Atieno was shot in the stomach on Monday, June 13, as she was headed for the salon by police who were on a crackdown of a notorious gang identified as ‘Confirm’ gang.

Whitney was a Form 4 student at Nakuru Central Secondary School and at the time of the incident, the deceased was in company of her friend, Ruth Waithera, 18.

According to reports, the bullet hit Whitney in the chest and exited from behind, and hit Waithera in the arm.

Whitney died while receiving treatment at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital while Waithera’s hand being operated on and is in a stable condition.

In a presser, Whitney’s sister recounted their last moments where she said that Medics placed her on oxygen and performed other procedures.

Roseline Apondi, the sister to the deceased, said that her sister told her that she should not leave her and then breathed her last.

“The doctors placed her on oxygen. I was standing beside my sister. She then called me and told me she would not leave me then she died,” Apondi said.