“I Make Ksh.300k From Tiktok Monthly Alafu Nakunywa Yote POMBE ,” Brian Chira says

Kenya’s TikTok sensation, Brian Chira, a figure both celebrated and debated in the social media sphere, recently sparked widespread online discussions by unveiling details about his monthly TikTok earnings and spending habits.

In a candid interview with Andrew Kibe, Brian Chira, visibly thrilled to meet his celebrity crush, revealed that TikTok has evolved into his primary source of income, courtesy of his substantial following on the platform.

Chira disclosed that, in a successful month, he accumulates approximately Ksh. 300,000 from TikTok. This income is predominantly derived from hosting live sessions on the platform and receiving gifts from his loyal followers, which are then converted into monetary value.

Interestingly, despite his substantial earnings, Brian Chira expressed financial concerns, emphasizing that the income falls short of meeting his needs in Kenya, where the cost of living demands significant financial resources.

The 22-year-old acknowledged that a substantial portion of his earnings, approximately Ksh. 90,000 per academic term, goes towards covering his university tuition fees. Furthermore, he shoulders the responsibility of supporting his grandmother and cousins with a portion of his income, allocating the remainder for his personal expenses.

Unfortunately, Brian Chira admitted to grappling with alcoholism, recognizing it as a significant drain on his finances. This addiction had severe repercussions, including a four-day stint in jail for defaming Azziad Nasenya while under the influence.

During this regrettable incident, Chira, intoxicated and using offensive language, broadcasted derogatory comments about Azziad Nasenya on TikTok. He openly confessed to his struggle with alcoholism, expressing a strong desire to overcome this challenging obstacle and make positive changes in his life.