“Ujaluo itakuua mama”- Sandra Dacha Told After Charging 31k For Her Birthday Party.

Auntie Boss Actress, Sandra Dacha, popularly known as Silprosa is planning to throw an expensive birthday party as she turns 31.

The actress said that she will charge Ksh 31,000 for anyone who will be attending the ‘high end’ exclusive party.

Sharing the dits on Instagram, Silprosa also asked her fans to suggest a good vacation destination.

This however did not sink in well with her followers who implied that the award winning actress was indirectly asking for money.

See reactions;

@Edwinthairu – “Wacha niongeze 20,000ni buy nduthi”

@Gloriah_gich – “31k kwani tukiingia tutatoka na counter ya hiyo pale na viti na decor!?ama 31k ya TZ osiepna?😂😂😂”

@Apondi- “Are we going on a trip?”

@Tasmin Sammy- “Hope kuna food,men,and alkohol na kuna bed na pia asubuhi tunatoa lock na pesa ya Uber kurudi makejani😂😂😂💯 otherwise we nooo kaming ooo”