Celestine Ndinda Showers husband Njugush With Gifts On His Birthday

Celestine Ndinda, popularly known as Wakavinye, celebrated her husband, the well-known comedian Timothy Kimani, alias Njugush, with gifts on his birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Celestine wished Njugush a happy birthday by gifting him five new caps. She also asked her followers to suggest a sixth gift idea for her husband.

“Five birthday gifts for Mr. Timothy! Tomorrow is his birthday!! Do you think these gifts are enough? He is now waiting for gift number 6. Guys, give me ideas. You know Kimani well, what would surprise him? Or should I buy fertilizer?” she wrote.

Celestine and Njugush met in college, dated, and eventually married. They are blessed with two children, Tugi and Toria.

The couple runs a website where they sell their comedy skits to fans who cannot attend their live events.

Celestine is also a YouTube content creator, hosting guests whose stories positively impact viewers.

Recently, the couple shared on social media about their upcoming TTnT event, which will be held on July 27th at the Sarit Expo Centre.

The couple is renowned for their success in comedy, particularly for their stand-up comedy show, TTnT (Through Thick and Thin), which they started in 2020.