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 Niliokota Carol Kando Ya Barabara Akiuza Chips Mwitu Ako Na Wivu Juu Nimenunua Mercedes Benz

Popular comedian and radio host Mulamwah recently made headlines by shedding light on a controversial episode involving his ex-girlfriend Carol Sonny.

In an interview with host Ali, Mulamwah discussed his struggles and stated that Carol was actively working towards her own success. Despite being instrumental in raising him from a street chip seller to a celebrity, he claims she is now using underhanded tactics to destroy his reputation.

Instead of appreciating her past contributions, Mulamwah resents Carol’s efforts to harm him even though they are no longer together. He cited a dispute involving their son as the main reason for removing content from his YouTube channel and considering shutting down his social media accounts.

Mulamwah expressed displeasure at losing a lucrative brand partnership due to false allegations spread online by Carol. He highlighted her decision to block him on all social media platforms, though she did not restrict his access to their child.

Mulamwah insisted that he was willing to sacrifice everything due to Carol’s actions, asserting that she would eventually face the consequences. He also expressed his intention to release all relevant information to clear his name.

The ongoing feud between Carol Sonny and Mulamwah over their joint responsibility for their child Keilah Oyando has escalated over the past year. Matters worsened when David Oyando (Mulamwah) renounced the child, accusing Carol of infidelity.