How Model Alicia Kanini Makes Ksh.100,000 Daily For Entertaining Kenyans.

After going viral multiple times and uniting Kenyans, becoming a trending topic across all social media platforms, Alicia Kanini has significantly benefited from her fame, amassing a substantial income.

At just 21 years old, Alicia is on the verge of becoming a millionaire due to her online presence and modeling career. She is a model who chose to venture into OnlyFans, selling intimate videos to interested clients.

Her close friend Don, who is rumored to be featured in the trending videos, disclosed the impressive earnings Alicia Kanini can make in a single day. He revealed that Alicia, a highly talented model, is reaping the financial rewards of her career. According to Don, Alicia can earn over Ksh.100,000 per day from entertaining Kenyans, with her income increasing as more people watch her videos on adult platforms.

Don emphasized that their venture is a business, and it makes sense for them to monetize their skills. They are effectively utilizing their talents, and their enterprise operates like any other business, with the ultimate goal of building an empire and increasing their earnings through their regular activities.