Brian Chira : I Make Ksh.300,000 From Tiktok Monthly and Waste all on Alcohol. -

Brian Chira : I Make Ksh.300,000 From Tiktok Monthly and Waste all on Alcohol.

Brian Chira, a prominent Kenyan celebrity and a controversial figure in the world of TikTok, recently caused quite a commotion online. In a candid interview with Andrew Kibe, during which he was visibly thrilled to meet his celebrity crush, Brian Chira opened up about his substantial earnings from TikTok and how he manages his finances.

Chira revealed that TikTok has become his primary source of income, thanks to his impressive number of followers on the platform. On a successful month, he rakes in an impressive Ksh. 300,000 from TikTok. This income primarily comes from his live sessions on TikTok, where he receives gifts from his dedicated followers, which are subsequently converted into monetary value.

Despite this considerable income, Brian Chira expressed his financial woes, asserting that the money falls short of his needs. He emphasized that in Kenya, one requires millions to lead a comfortable life.

The 22-year-old shared that a significant portion of his earnings, approximately Ksh. 90,000 per term, is dedicated to covering his university tuition fees. Additionally, he takes on responsibilities for his grandmother and cousins, which further reduces his disposable income. The remainder of his earnings, he admitted, is often spent on alcohol.

Brian Chira’s candid confession included the revelation that he grapples with alcoholism. This addiction has not only drained his financial resources but also led to his incarceration for four days due to defamatory comments made against Azziad Nasenya during a drunken TikTok livestream.

Acknowledging his struggle with alcoholism, Chira expressed his determination to make positive changes in his life.