Ann Kansiime And Uganda's Fiance Skylanta To Make Things Official

Ann Kansiime And Uganda’s Fiance Skylanta To Make Things Official

Latest information reaching our news desk indicates that famous comedienne Ann Kansiime is set to introduce her life partner Skylanta.

Kansiime was seen spotted trying various rings with Skylanta as indicated by the photographs that appeared on social media.

Lastly a jaunty Kansiime appeared to have gotten the ideal wedding as she was hugged by Skylanta.

The two have been together for a couple of years at the point they appear to have an incredible relationship going on.

Kansiime and her man also have a child kid together, Selassie Ataho conceived recently.

The couple who have been seen parading their affection on social media are without a doubt a dear to the supporters who swarmed the comment section to compliment them.

This will not be Kansiime’s first marriage and neither her first relationship. She was married to entertainer Gerald Ojok for four years but things didn’t fare out well.

Various allegations particularly abusive behavior at home caused the divorce.

Kansiime has anyway had been able to find love somewhere else and is incredibly happy.

She was recently in Zambia where she held a massive crowd for a comedy show.

With shows in Uganda under lockdown till January 2022, Uganda performers are truly happy to get up on any stage.

Kansiime who considers Zambia as her next home from Uganda took to her web-based media to thank every one of the Zambians for turning up on a huge scale.

We wish Kansiime and all the celebrities who have decided to setup a good precedence of the younger generation well.