“My mother instructed me to do it” – Teenager caught burying younger brother alive confesses

We previously shared a story about the rescue of a young boy who found himself in a life-threatening situation at the hands of his teenage brother. This dire situation arose when the older sibling was caught in the act of burying his younger brother alive, alleging that he had stolen money.

The teenage brother’s motive for such a shocking act was attributed to their mother’s frustration with the victim’s persistent kleptomaniac behavior. It was this frustration that apparently led to her instructing the older brother to take such drastic measures.

In his own words, the teenage brother explained, “He stole some money. The last time he stole money, we asked him where he had hidden it, and I’m not sure how much he took, but he claimed it was 1000. No one had physically harmed him or laid a hand on him during previous theft incidents,” he stated in pidgin English.

The local residents, however, harbored suspicions of foul play. Some believed that the teenager might have been acting on the instructions of a witch doctor in a money ritual, but he vehemently denied these allegations.

In response, the teenage brother clarified, “No one sent me to do this; it was my mother who told me to discipline him.”

This disturbing incident shed light on a deeply troubling family situation, one that ultimately endangered the life of a young boy due to the extreme measures taken in response to his problematic behavior.