Youth should use Ruto’s wheelbarrows to transport weed-Wajackoyah

Roots Party pioneer Prof George Wajackoyah was a guest on Radio Jambo yesterday. The fascinating and enrapturing leader attacked his rivals, letting Mbusi and Lion know that the leaders are promoting bad behavior in young people.

Wajoyaoyah accused the politicians of using jobless youth to cause chaos. “They are only given a small amount of money to go and throw stones at people. And if you see today’s politics, those we oppose us, their job is to insult us,” Wajackoyah added.

Wajackoyah lamented the fact that young people who aspire to venture into politics will end up following in the footsteps and examples set by their predecessors.

He added that his unemployment arrangement is more genuine than that presented by other candidate.

He said that people ought to pick Deputy President William Ruto’s wheelbarrows and use them to transport weed seedlings on August ninth.

“They have been telling people they will create jobs for the past 50 years in every political season. Where will they find those jobs?” he asked.