Boko Haram promise to disrupt élections in nigeria

Boko Haram promise to disrupt élections in nigeria

10:06 AM

Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau vowed
to disrupt Nigeria’s general election in a
new video released Tuesday, after two
suicide attacks in the northeast blamed on
the Islamists killed 38 people. “This election will not be held even if we
are dead. Even if we are not alive Allah will
never allow you to do it,” Shekau said in the

Hausa language, presumably referring to the
polls scheduled for March 28. The video appeared to be the first message
released by the group on Twitter, a sign of
its changing media tactics after previous
messages were distributed to journalists on
DVD. Shekau was shown in unusual clarity in front
of a solid blue background, dressed in black
and with an automatic weapon resting to his
right. He also claimed a weekend attack in the
northeast Nigerian city of Gombe, which the
military says was repelled. The Islamist leader, declared a global
terrorist by the United States and sanctioned
by the United Nations, disputed the
military’s account of the Gombe clashes,
claiming that his fighters overran troops and
freed insurgents from prison. Nigeria’s general election had been
scheduled for February 14 but was
postponed by six weeks, with the security
services saying they needed more time to
contain the violence in the northeast, Boko
Haram’s stronghold. Despite Shekau’s threat, experts doubt that
the Islamist rebels have the capacity to
disrupt voting nationwide, although election
officials have conceded that voting could
prove impossible in parts of the northeast.

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