How Boda Bodas Bought on Credit Are Stolen, Sold to neighbouring Ethiopia

A report by Citizen TV indicated that more than 400 motorcycles with a worth of Ksh60 million have been stolen and sold into the neighbouring country.

The syndicate targets recently bought bikes from boda boda riders, the vast majority of whom get them on credit.

In the area of Busia alone, 32 motorbikes were stolen from January and September this year, with most cases being through conmanship.

An agent of a boda association in the region indicate that the loss put off the riders an amount of Ksh4.5 million.

“They take the motorcycles that had been bought on loans and dismantle their trackers,” stated Eric Makokha, the Busia boda boda association chairman.

The loss of the bikes crash the riders in their self advancement plans, some of whom lose the bicycles inside two months in the month of gaining them on credit, consequently being left to pay the loan with no other kind of revenue.

The organization purportedly approach jobless youth by promising to recruit them into the boda business from where they can get an income.

Some of them even case that they have a posting on Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and would take the loan on their behalf.

“When they get the motorbike, they take it to Eastleigh, dismantle it and remove the tracker,” stated a representative from the National Boda Boda Association.

Ethiopia is the favored destination for the sale of the motorbikes since when buying the parts, a logbook is definitely not a significant requirement.

“We suspect that there is a syndicate that has began the motorbike theft but we have laid down traps,” stated a police officer.