Njoki Daniel: The Kitengela Fruit Vendor Who Started Her Business With Ksh600 Capital While Still In University

Njoki’s Fruits World, conceived by the entrepreneurial mind of Njoki Daniel, took root in Kitengela when she embarked on her university journey at the age of 24. The genesis of this venture was fueled by the ambitious goal of funding her education through the profits generated by the business. Njoki gained significant attention on Twitter for effectively marketing her establishment, specializing in the sale of fruits, fruit juices, milkshakes, and detox juices.

The Origin

Commencing her entrepreneurial journey five years ago with a modest capital of Ksh600, Njoki faced the challenges of hawking fruits in various offices. At times, she encountered resistance due to the prohibition of hawking in certain office spaces. However, her determination persisted, and on fortunate occasions, she found acceptance. Reflecting on her beginnings, she shared, “I ventured into the business five years ago after investing Sh600 and started hawking fruits in Kitengela. I would go to offices and be chased away as hawking is not allowed in offices, but some days I would be lucky, and they would allow me to sell the fruits,” narrated Njoki to Capital FM.

Establishing her Outlet

After persistent efforts and building a network of loyal clients, Njoki saved enough money to transition from hawking to owning a physical shop. In 2021, her dream materialized as she opened her shop, marking a significant milestone in her entrepreneurial journey. Recounting the transition, she expressed gratitude, stating, “From hawking to opening a shop was a blessing for me; all those times I was chased away from selling really taught me resilience. I saved enough and got this space where I now sell to my existing clientele, and I get customers who would be walking, and out of curiosity, they buy from me.”

Social Media and Challenges

Njoki harnessed the power of social media as a key asset for her business. Leveraging online platforms, she expanded her client base and facilitated online deliveries, making her products accessible to those unable to visit the physical store. Despite facing trolling from social media users, she remained undeterred in promoting her brand. Another challenge she encountered was adverse weather conditions affecting the availability and cost of fruits. To mitigate this, she adopted a proactive approach, saving three months’ worth of rent to navigate through challenging times.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Njoki envisions expanding her business by establishing branches in various locations. Her ambition extends beyond personal success as she aims to create employment opportunities for other women. Offering advice to young individuals, she encourages them not to wait for traditional employment but to explore entrepreneurial endeavors. With determination, resilience, and strategic use of social media, she believes they can carve their path to success.