Napenda Kudate Wanaume Wazee,Wako na Experience Vizuri : Tracey Waithira

Renowned personality Tracey Waithira recently engaged in an insightful conversation with esteemed journalist Lynn Ngugi, where she candidly shared her personal voyage and the measures she’s undertaking to enhance herself.

A pivotal point Tracey emphasized was her commitment to revitalizing her soul, mind, and body. Acknowledging the need for change in her life, she embarked on a journey of weight loss. Tracey bravely admitted her struggle with excessive weight, particularly in her breast area, which she attributed to poor dietary habits.

Through disciplined efforts and adopting a healthier lifestyle, she successfully shed significant weight, leading to a newfound comfort and confidence in her own skin. Tracey also delved into the influence of her upbringing on her life choices. Raised by a single mother, she felt the absence of a paternal figure, which prompted her to seek companionship with older men, perceiving them as more stable and emotionally fulfilling compared to younger counterparts.

Her early entry into the workforce at 17 further solidified her preference for older, more focused partners. Additionally, Tracey recognized her past unhealthy relationship with money. She confessed to idolizing wealth and prioritizing it above her well-being, engaging in activities solely for financial gain, regardless of moral or personal consequences.

However, she has since undergone a profound shift in perspective, redirecting her focus towards a more meaningful and fulfilling journey centered on her faith in God. Tracey’s interview with Lynn Ngugi illuminates her remarkable personal transformation. By addressing her weight concerns, seeking emotional stability through mature relationships, and transitioning from materialism to personal growth, she is in the process of reconstructing herself into a superior version of her former self.