Shindwe Ibilisi wewe! – MOSES KURIA accuses UHURU of sending a gay couple to Kameme FM to lie to Kiambu residents.

Gatundu South Member of Parliament, Moses Kuria, has gone after President Uhuru Kenyatta, blaming him for using Kameme FM presenters to deceive Kiambu occupants that he isn’t competing for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat in August.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Kuria maintained he is immovably in the race and accused Uhuru of sending Kameme presenters Kata and Man Saimo who he named as a ‘gay couple’ to claim he isn’t competing for the Kiambu region top seat.

“Kameme gay couple Kata and Simoh have been sent by Uhuru Kenyatta to lie on air that I am not vying. Shindwe nyote watatu. Ibilisi !!,” Kuria said.

This comes a day after an opinion poll showing that Kuria will earn under 5% during the Kiambu gubernatorial race in August.