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See How Brian Chira’s Cousin Iano Made Ksh.170,000 On Tiktok in Less Than 10 Minutes.

After the passing of Brian Chira, his cousin Iano found solace and expression on TikTok, where he swiftly rose to prominence. Unlike his controversial cousin, Iano’s approach on the platform is marked by a serene demeanor and relaxed content.

Iano’s TikTok debut was met with a memorable surprise: a spontaneous gifting of virtual lions by a fellow user during his first livestream. Noteworthy personalities like Prince Mwiti, Cindy Baby, and Hannah Bentah were part of the audience.

Within a mere 10 minutes, Iano amassed an impressive collection of five lions, valued at approximately 34,000 Kenyan shillings each. This unexpected windfall, totaling around 170,000 Kenyan shillings, left both Iano and his fellow TikTokers stunned.

For Iano, still a student, this sum represents a significant financial boon. It’s remarkable to consider that this sizable sum was earned in just one evening of TikTok activity. This underscores the lucrative potential of the platform, with figures like Pastor Kanyari demonstrating its capacity to yield substantial earnings.