FOR Sh890M Would yo change your, Name or Citizenship 'LETS TALK'
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FOR Sh890M Would yo change your, Name or Citizenship ‘LETS TALK’

Those back then who could remember when , Kenyan football legend our very own, Dennis Oliech was perhaps the greatest name in football in Africa in those days.

His star was shinning and rising and he was also playing in the Champions League, the very best football competition in the world.

He was so famous that Qatar salivated a piece of him all the way and surprisingly offered him Sh890M to change his citizenship. He declined the offer and vowed loyalty to his country.

That subject was brought up by Chito and Jalas.They wanted to know to what extent Kenyans were willing to go to make money. This time by changing their citizenship, so would you?

Jalang’o didn’t spare a moment and he says he would just need fourteen days to plan. Settle things for his mom, make a couple of investments which will keep him afloat when he is in Qatar. What about you?

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