Cartoon Comedian And Diana Marua (Their UnTold funny Drama) -

Cartoon Comedian And Diana Marua (Their UnTold funny Drama)

Famous Kenyan comedian Vanessa Akinyi, also known as Cartoon, recently took to social media with comments believed to be directed towards rapper and YouTube content creator Diana Marua. Cartoon claimed that she was attacked by goons hired to do so, following a post she made alleging that Diana Marua was pressuring talent. This led to drama between the two personalities.

Cartoon Comedian, visibly angry, expressed her outrage that someone would hire low-class individuals to attack her for telling the truth. She questioned why someone would stoop so low. It all began when Cartoon made remarks about Diana Marua’s songs, stating that the singer lacked musical talent. This did not sit well with Diana Marua, who sought to punish the comedian for her derogatory comments.

Diana Marua has recently released a song called “Mubaba,” which is currently at the top of the YouTube charts. She has released three songs so far, with her first two garnering over a million views each. Since her debut song, she has become one of Kenya’s most in-demand musicians. Her introduction to the rap scene was met with controversy, with many deeming it impractical.

Despite the backlash, many artists have shown support and sent their well wishes to Diana Marua. Bahati, a renowned musician and the second artist in Kenya to achieve 900k YouTube subscribers, is married to Diana Marua.

It’s unclear whether the recent attack on Cartoon Comedian was actually orchestrated by Diana Marua or if it was a result of her ex-boyfriend’s anger towards her. What are your thoughts on this ongoing dispute?