University of Nairobi medical student Discontinued in 2014 finally set to graduate 10 years later

In 2014, Nasra Fundikira’s journey through medical school came to an unexpected halt. After discontinuing her studies in her first year at the University of Nairobi’s medical school, she found herself grappling with deep despair.

Struggling with severe depression and lacking the necessary coping mechanisms, Nasra felt utterly adrift. Recently, she took to Twitter to bravely share her story, reflecting on that tumultuous period. She revealed how her dismissal not only shattered her aspirations but also inflicted a profound sense of shame and mental anguish.

At that juncture, the dream of becoming a doctor seemed like an unattainable fantasy. However, Nasra’s resilience and determination refused to be extinguished. Four years later, she made the courageous decision to re-enroll in medical school, resolved to rewrite her narrative.

Now, a decade after embarking on her medical journey, Nasra stands on the verge of graduation. Reflecting on her odyssey, she acknowledges the profound transformation she has undergone.

“I used to console myself by saying, ‘it’s just a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter,'” Nasra wrote, “but it’s more than that. I’ve acquired invaluable life skills through the adversities I faced in medical school, which have refined my character, expanded my mind, and deepened my spirituality.”

Today, as Nasra prepares to step into the next phase of her life, she finds herself abundantly blessed. The very things she once prayed for – purpose, vision, mental well-being, physical health, and a supportive community – now abundantly grace her life.

Amidst life’s trials and uncertainties, Nasra holds onto a steadfast sense of purpose, guiding her through even the darkest moments.