Footballer Victor Wanyama Speaks on being Bahati’s Adopted son Morgan Bahati Father

Kenyan professional footballer Victor Wanyama recently stirred up a storm on social media by revealing that he is the father of Morgan Bahati, the adopted son of musician Bahati.

Not long ago, Bahati shared a heartwarming family photo that featured himself, his wife Diana Marua, their adopted son Morgan Bahati, and their biological children, Heaven and Majesty, all dressed in charming black outfits to celebrate Majesty’s birthday.

However, this seemingly innocent photo took an unexpected turn when a Twitter user shared a manipulated version of it. In the photoshopped image, which was shared by Public News, the editor placed CF Montreal Player Victor Wanyama next to Morgan Bahati, filmmaker Abel Mutua next to Majesty Bahati, and Singer KRG the Don next to Heaven. This quirky edit quickly caught the attention of Kenyans on Twitter and gained widespread attention.

In response to the altered photo, Victor Wanyama expressed his frustration by retweeting a post from Wesley Kibande and strongly voiced his displeasure, calling for such actions to cease immediately. “This foolishness needs to stop now,” wrote Victor Wanyama.

The speculation surrounding Victor Wanyama’s relationship with Morgan Bahati has been fueled by an older photo of the football player with Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua. In this image, Diana Marua and Victor Wanyama appeared to be sharing an intimate moment in an undisclosed location.