Whips! Andrew Kibe says his ex-wife cheated on him with a man disguised as woman

Andrew Kibe recently shared a personal incident involving the discovery of a man’s phone number disguised as a woman in his ex-wife’s phone contacts. With remarkable honesty, Kibe recounted the unsettling moment when he stumbled upon this entry in his former spouse’s phone.

Known for his outspoken nature and unique choice of words, Kibe described the distressing incident as follows: At the time, he was in the process of selling his movie store, and a potential client expressed keen interest in making a business deal. “Several individuals had shown interest,” Kibe explained, “and this particular gentleman, who was genuinely interested, told me to call him in the evening to provide directions to my house.”

Unfortunately, Kibe found himself without sufficient credit on his own phone and, being married at the time, he asked his wife to borrow hers, saying that he needed to make a call without specifying to whom. Oblivious to the details, she handed over her phone without any hesitation.

According to Kibe, his ex-wife passed him the phone, and when he dialed the number provided by the interested buyer, he noticed that it was saved under a woman’s name. This discovery left him suspicious and overwhelmed with anger, leading him to react impulsively and break the phone out of frustration. He believed that this incident pointed to his ex-wife’s infidelity during their marriage, leaving him feeling betrayed and deeply hurt.

In a rather ironic twist, Kibe humorously remarked, “Kinuthia is me. I am the Kinuthia.” This reference alluded to the infamous Kenyan case of a man named Kinuthia who brutally murdered a woman he believed had deceived him in their romantic relationship.

Overall, Kibe’s candid account sheds light on a personal experience that challenged his trust and highlighted the pain caused by infidelity in a relationship.

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