How famous Kikuyu MC Ndegenye bought his first car from a 5k salary

MC Ndegenye is a well-known figure in the local broadcasting scene, particularly in Kikuyu media stations. He is a versatile performer who excels as a comedian, event host, and professional MC. He earns his livelihood primarily through brand promotions and television appearances, having gained popularity after being featured on a TV show by famous Kikuyu media personality Muthei Kiongei.

MC Ndegenye’s rise to fame and success is a story of humility and hard work. He once shared how he landed a job that enabled him to purchase his first car. Despite the meager pay of KES 5,000, he accepted the offer because he saw the potential of the job. After completing the event successfully, he received a lucrative offer from a satisfied client who was willing to pay him KES 300,000 for a similar job. This offer, coupled with his earnings from the previous event, enabled him to buy his first car.

MC Ndegenye encourages upcoming artists not to despise small jobs, as they may present significant opportunities in the future. He advises artists not to turn down gigs because of their low pay, as they may be stepping stones to more significant gigs.

In addition to his successful career, MC Ndegenye has also accomplished personal goals. He built his parents a permanent home, which he describes as a dream come true. MC Ndegenye’s success story exemplifies how humility and hard work can lead to great achievements.