“ka uko single tunaweza mingle bado , umeumbwa ukaumbika ” :- STEPHEN BHINGI tells MUNGAI EVE

Reggae enthusiast Steve Bhingi recently shared his admiration for Kenyan YouTuber Mungai Eve, confessing to a significant crush on her. During a recent interview, he expressed his profound appreciation for Mungai Eve’s beauty, stating unequivocally that given the chance, he would eagerly pursue a romantic connection with her.

In his own words, Bhingi eloquently conveyed his feelings, saying, “If we were to judge based on looks, sister… If we were to judge based on looks, because you were created beautifully… If you’re single, sister, we can mingle… You were created beautifully, you have common sense.” He lightened the atmosphere with humor, joking about his own short stature, reassuring Mungai Eve not to be deterred by it.

Bhingi further underscored his desire to fulfill their purpose in life, emphasizing the importance of procreation. “It’s about hitting and getting a child. Jah created us and instructed us to fulfill the world. So, we should fulfill the world, to fill up the world,” he passionately expressed.

Their exchange took a jovial turn when Bhingi compared Mungai Eve to his ex-girlfriend, eliciting laughter from both parties. “You know, you’re short,” she remarked playfully, to which Bhingi responded, “as long as we’re Rastafarians, we play by the rules, because when you play by the rules, you know, as long as we’re not under pressure…”

In summary, Bhingi’s affectionate admiration for Mungai Eve was evident throughout the interview, marked by humor and sincerity in expressing his feelings towards her.