“Don’t blame KRG” Fans Reacts After Viral Video Of Diana Marua and KRG Dancing Together -

“Don’t blame KRG” Fans Reacts After Viral Video Of Diana Marua and KRG Dancing Together

The video of Diana Marua and KRG The Don partying together has generated conflicting reactions among social media users. Some fans felt that their behavior was disrespectful towards Diana’s husband, Bahati, while others saw nothing wrong with two celebrities having fun together.

In the midst of these reactions, an Instagram user named Zafaranimasurai expressed the opinion that KRG The Don should not be blamed for the incident. According to Zafaranimasurai, if a woman holds another man or gives him attention in a club, the fault lies with the woman and not the man. Zafaranimasurai believes this behavior is disrespectful and asserts that his wife would never engage in such behavior when he is present. He also states that he would not hold or dance closely with another woman in front of his wife, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect in a relationship.

Other fans had differing opinions. Badiahon noted that true friends are a valuable investment in life and that money can sometimes normalize behavior that might be considered abnormal. Cherry Mutheu pointed out that KRG The Don didn’t even touch Diana in the video, suggesting that there was nothing inappropriate happening. Nymaburathatsme expressed support for Diana and KRG The Don, stating that they were simply enjoying themselves and saw nothing wrong with their actions.

Overall, the reactions to the video vary, with some fans believing it was disrespectful while others saw it as harmless fun between celebrities. People’s opinions on this matter are subjective and influenced by their personal values and beliefs about relationships.