Congratulations: Betty Bayo’s latest photo sparks pregnancy rumour -

Congratulations: Betty Bayo’s latest photo sparks pregnancy rumour

Although not confirmed, rumors abound that gospel singer Betty Bayo is pregnant. Recent photos show her covering a protruding belly with her hands, and her fans have noticed that she has put on some weight. In one photo, Betty is seen with her partner, Tash (real name Hiram Gitau), and she expressed her gratitude to God for the blessings in her life.

Betty, who has two children from a previous marriage with Pastor Kanyari, shared photos of herself and Tash visiting ailing social media influencer Karangu Muraya on her Facebook page. However, she filtered out comments from fans regarding her possible pregnancy.

A few weeks ago, Betty responded to a fan who had suggested that she have more children since she is in a new relationship. Betty praised Tash for bringing happiness into her life and stated that “God is the giver of kids” when responding to the fan’s request for more children.

The celebrity couple got engaged in November 2020 and celebrated their love with a lavish party. Betty later described Tash as her “answered prayer” and praised him for his respect for God, herself, and her children. The couple later wed in a colorful traditional ceremony in December of that year.