Azziad Nasenya: Older people are jealous of my success

Azziad Nasenya, a 23-year-old social media sensation, expressed her belief that older individuals are often bitter and envious of her success achieved at such a young age. During a live radio interview with Mwende Macharia, Azziad addressed the hate she consistently receives when celebrating her accomplishments. While some may perceive her as appearing older than her age, she asserts that she is indeed youthful and fitting for her age.

According to Azziad, there exists a limited mindset among certain people who believe that individuals in their early twenties should not have attained significant achievements. Older individuals, burdened with their own problems, struggle to comprehend how a “child” like herself has accomplished so much. Azziad attributes this sentiment to bitterness and jealousy, claiming that these individuals are envious of her success without plausible explanation.

Azziad’s rise to fame began in 2020 when she posted a video of herself sensually dancing to a local hit song, “Utawezana.” Leveraging her popularity and distinctive image as a sensual dancer, she secured numerous brand deals, awards, and job opportunities. During the interview, she revealed that she is currently living her dream as she had always aspired to become a renowned star, unlike other children who aimed to become doctors or lawyers.

To those who speculated that she obtained her radio job solely due to her social media fame, Azziad clarified that she is a trained journalist and underwent the same audition process as any other candidate. She was fortunate enough to be shortlisted and received an additional three months of training before going live on air.

Presently, Azziad stands as the most followed female TikToker in Kenya, gaining widespread recognition for her talents. In 2020, she disclosed that she earned an average of Sh 100,000 per month during her live sessions. While she acknowledges her passion for dancing and possesses the necessary skills, she does not consider herself a professional dancer. Furthermore, she firmly stated her aversion to becoming a video vixen for dance videos.

However, Azziad’s fame was not without controversy. Her position within the government’s Talanta Hela Council for creatives was called into question, with critics arguing that she was chosen based on fame rather than merit. Moreover, some individuals believed her young age rendered her unfit for the role, asserting that others with more experience deserved the position. When confronted about her removal from the council during the interview, Azziad abruptly walked out, leaving the question unanswered.