Kenyan Digital creator Commentator Reveals His Girlfriend Moureen Washes His Feet daily

Kenyan digital creator Commentator recently shared his most cherished experience dating an African woman in a heartfelt Instagram video. He expressed his eagerness to return home to his girlfriend, Moureen Ngigi, after a long day at work, praising the exceptional care she gives him.

The couple’s video offers a glimpse into their evening routine when Commentator arrives home. Moureen warmly greets him at the door, takes his shopping bag, and helps him out of his coat. She then fetches a basin of warm water and tenderly washes his feet.

Kneeling on the floor, Moureen washes and dries her boyfriend’s feet, all the while smiling warmly. She then serves him refreshments, showcasing her loving and attentive nature.

The video has sparked mixed reactions among fans. Some believe it is a staged performance meant to generate views, while others commend the small gestures that contribute to a successful relationship.

In an earlier interview with Nicholas Kioko, Commentator recounted how he met Moureen Ngigi. She reached out to him after he hit 100K subscribers on YouTube, initiating their conversation. The couple now shares a young son together.