Rose Mutua: How I Lost Millions in Just One Night, Now I’m Living In Extreme Poverty.

The narrative of Rose Mutua is a profoundly distressing and almost unbelievable tale. Rose, once a millionaire, found herself waking up one day to discover that her wealth and years of investments had been obliterated overnight.

Raised in the Makueni Area, Rose, despite losing her parents, proved to be a brilliant student. However, circumstances forced her to work as a househelp until she received a fortunate sponsorship that enabled her to pursue high school and university education. Her academic brilliance shone through, and she excelled in her studies.

Following university, Rose married her university colleague, and their lives took a prosperous turn when her husband secured a lucrative job with a renowned car company. Shortly after, Rose landed a well-paying position at an insurance company and later secured another lucrative job at a prominent bank in Kenya.

Their financial stability allowed them to provide their children with quality education, purchase cars, and indulge in a lavish lifestyle without financial worries.

Unexpectedly, Rose made a life-altering decision to leave her banking career, citing a calling from God to become a pastor. Despite the difficulty of this decision, she resigned and enrolled in a Bible study college, where she pursued theology for four years and earned a second degree. During this time, her husband also experienced career advancement.

After completing her theological studies, Rose, with a peaceful heart, established a church and initiated charity organizations to support the vulnerable in the community. She set up a studio near the church to promote local artists and a bakery to provide employment opportunities for the unemployed.

Tragedy struck one night when Rose received a distressing phone call from the young men guarding the studio near the church. The area had been surrounded by bulldozers and caterpillars, guarded by police officers, with the purpose of demolishing everything. Despite efforts to salvage some studio equipment and valuables, the church and studio were destroyed that night, leaving the land flattened.

The heartbreaking incident left Rose devastated. The land, purchased at a significant cost, was allegedly linked to a high-ranking government official who orchestrated the demolition without any prior notice or legal documentation.

Rose fell into depression, compounded by the fact that her husband also lost his job. They were compelled to sell their assets, including their cars, house, and other valuable possessions. Struggling in the challenging city life, the couple decided to relocate back to the village, where they went from being millionaires to facing immense hardships, struggling to secure daily sustenance. Rose continues to grapple with the pressure, and the family is seeking assistance from well-wishers and compassionate Kenyans.