Prince Indah Breaks Silence on 'Adhiambo' Video Vixen Brenda Otieno. "Aseme What's Special About Her Kuliko Hao Wengine," -

Prince Indah Breaks Silence on ‘Adhiambo’ Video Vixen Brenda Otieno. “Aseme What’s Special About Her Kuliko Hao Wengine,”

Prince Indah has finally broken his silence regarding the ongoing dispute between Bahati and video vixen Brenda Otieno, also known as ‘Adhiambo’. During an interview with YouTubers, Prince Indah addressed the situation by stating that Brenda Otieno was paid just like any other vixen involved in the video. He believes that Brenda is now using the song as a means to gain attention and popularity.

Prince Indah acknowledged that the song brought Brenda public recognition, and if her intentions were not merely seeking attention, he challenged her to explain why she is demanding such a large sum of money. He expressed his skepticism, suggesting that Brenda might be involved in creating controversy for publicity. He also emphasized that Brenda’s involvement in the video was not exceptional compared to other vixens who were content with the compensation they received.

Prince Indah clarified that there were other beautiful women in the video who could have easily taken Brenda’s place, implying that her presence alone did not contribute significantly to the video’s success. However, he stated that he was not trying to disrespect Brenda, but rather urged her to clarify what made her so unique that she deserves additional compensation.

The dispute between Brenda Otieno and Bahati arose when Brenda accused Bahati of not paying her for her appearance in the ‘Adhiambo’ video, which was a collaboration between Bahati and Prince Indah. Brenda claimed that the other vixens were paid Ksh.10,000 each, but she believed she deserved a higher payment. In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Brenda demanded 20% of the total earnings from the song, amounting to Ksh 4 million, or else Bahati should remove the song from YouTube.

Brenda later disclosed that she had taken legal action against Bahati and shared a demand letter from her lawyer, which was addressed to Bahati. She also released a diss track called ‘Lipa Deni’ directed at Bahati. It is worth noting that the song ‘Adhiambo’ was released a year ago and has accumulated 22 million views on YouTube.