“Nilipea John Matara Rosecoco In 2018, Mechi Ilikuwa Safi Karibu Aniue” Black Cinderella confesses

Kenyan socialite, known under the alias Black Cinderella, recently unveiled a chilling narrative recounting her past entanglement with John Matara, a notorious serial killer responsible for the tragic demise of Starlet Wahu in an Airbnb.

Black Cinderella recounts her initial acquaintance with John Matara dating back to 2018 when he was pursuing a music career, and she was engaged as a video vixen. Initially appearing charming and amiable, Matara’s demeanor took a sinister turn when he proposed a deal involving paid intimacy.

Despite her initial reservations, Black Cinderella reluctantly agreed to the arrangement, leading them to rendezvous at Sabina Joy. However, what began as seemingly enjoyable moments quickly spiraled into a terrifying encounter when Matara turned violent, attempting to strangle her.

In a horrifying twist, Matara demanded that she contact her acquaintances for funds under the threat of her demise, revealing his intent to carry out a gruesome act with three knives at the ready. Fortunately, Black Cinderella’s financial constraints deterred Matara from executing his murderous intentions, sparing her life momentarily.

Matara then proposed a disturbing alliance, urging Black Cinderella to lure affluent women to him for assault and robbery. Escaping this perilous association when Matara absconded with her phone, Black Cinderella divulged a harrowing incident from 2021 where she and her friends thwarted Matara’s nefarious plans in Kasarani.

Under the guise of benevolence, Matara offered one of Black Cinderella’s friends a sum of money for an intimate rendezvous, only to reveal his sinister intentions of robbery and violence upon entry. Quick intervention by Black Cinderella and her companions, who summoned BodaBoda riders, thwarted Matara’s plans and rescued the targeted woman from his clutches.

Black Cinderella emphasized Matara’s history of perpetrating such crimes for over five years, revealing how several of her friends had fallen victim to his atrocities. The chilling revelation that Matara had tortured her best friend just days before the murder of Starlet Wahu on January 3, 2024, highlights the extensive reign of terror inflicted by this serial killer over an extended period.