Kenyans Thirsty As Esther Passaris Parades Her Yellow Thayos On Mashujaa Day

Esther Passaris recently celebrated her 59th birthday on a significant day in Kenya, Mashujaa Day. To mark this milestone, she displayed grace and confidence by sharing an alluring photo along with a heartfelt message to herself.

In her post, Passaris expressed her gratitude to God and her parents for her 59 years of life. She acknowledged the profound influence of her upbringing and faith, recognizing the strong foundation her parents had provided and the invaluable guidance they had imparted.

Passaris also reflected on the moments of solitude that have been instrumental in shaping her character. In a world often dominated by noise and distractions, she cherished those moments when she could engage in self-reflection, gaining a deeper understanding of herself.

In her Twitter post, Passaris wrote, “Today, I celebrate turning 59 with gratitude to God and my parents. I hold dear my memories and cherish the moments of solitude. My family, friends, and fans are treasures I never take for granted. I appreciate your love and support. I value the comfort I find in my own skin and love every part of myself.”

The seasoned politician and dedicated humanitarian places great importance on her family, friends, and fans. She takes a moment to acknowledge the unwavering support they have provided throughout her life journey. Her family, with their love and strength, has been a constant source of support. Her friends have filled her life with laughter and camaraderie, creating cherished memories. Her loyal and devoted fans have served as a continuous source of inspiration and motivation.