” Anauza Madawa Za Kulevya!?” Ringtone Apoko Exposes Krg The Don. -

” Anauza Madawa Za Kulevya!?” Ringtone Apoko Exposes Krg The Don.

Controversial beefs among Kenyan celebrities are commonplace in the entertainment industry. Recently, Ringtone Apoko, who refers to himself as the chairman of gospel music, questioned Krg the Don’s wealth.

Both Ringtone and Krg the Don are known for flaunting their wealth online, claiming to be worth billions and living lavish lifestyles with expensive cars and suburban mansions. In an online media interview, Ringtone alleged that Krg the Don’s wealth was not as real as he claims it to be. According to Ringtone, Krg inherited the cars he shows off on social media from his grandparents and lives in a mansion owned by his grandfather.

However, Ringtone’s accusations took a sensitive turn when he claimed that Krg must be a drug trafficker if he truly owned the latest Lexus LX 570 he flaunted online. He argued that Krg could not afford such an expensive car if he were not involved in illegal activities.

Ringtone then urged young people to focus on their own lives instead of looking up to people like Krg the Don. He advised them to work hard, hustle smart, and trust in God’s blessings, stating that they too could break the chains of poverty and achieve success.