Lady Was So Impatient ~ 2 Mbili Finally Responds On Why ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ Hitmaker Ngesh Failed in the Music Industry

Kenyan comedian and YouTuber 2mbili has recently addressed the reasons behind the short-lived fame of Kaveve Kazoze, despite her association with prominent figures like Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu and former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko.

During an interview with Obinna, 2mbili attributed Kaveve Kazoze’s lack of sustained success to her impatience. According to him, Ngesh failed to thrive because she was unwilling to wait for her moment in the limelight. He revealed that he had already reached out to Sonko and various brands he collaborated with, but Kaveve’s impatience hindered the progress. Despite having a hit song, he emphasized that all she needed to do was cultivate her fame in tandem with the song.

2mbili disclosed that he had approached numerous individuals willing to invest in Kaveve Kazoze, intending to offer support rather than control. However, her lack of cooperation led her to reject these opportunities, ultimately resulting in her returning home. 2mbili clarified that he wanted to assist her, not exploit or manage her career.

Highlighting his efforts to guide Kaveve, 2mbili mentioned that he advised her to demand payment from media houses before granting interviews. Some media outlets, including SPM BUZZ, MUNGAI EVE, SAUTI TV, and 2mbili, adhered to this advice and compensated her for interviews.

Despite his best efforts, 2mbili expressed his frustration at Kaveve’s uncooperative attitude, stating that even promises made by Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu did not materialize due to Kaveve’s impatience.

In conclusion, 2mbili shared a valuable lesson for aspiring artists, urging them to exercise patience in their careers. He emphasized the importance of not rushing things, stating that success takes time and requires careful navigation.