“Unaongea mbaya na nimeivaa kuliko dem yako?” musician Bahati says after sharing photos of himself in an adorable feminine look.

Bahati is currently reveling in what he refers to as his “soft girl era.” This phase of his life is marked by his bold and unconventional content choices, including cross-dressing, which has ignited both fascination and controversy among the public. Alongside his wife, Diana Marua, the couple has been at the center of attention due to their unique approach to content creation. Despite facing criticism from online users, Bahati remains steadfast and unapologetic about his artistic expression and the way he presents himself to the world.

The transformation of Bahati, a former gospel singer, into a cross-dresser has left many of his fans and followers surprised and, in some cases, disappointed. Initially known for his gospel music, his decision to venture into secular music and explore a new identity has sparked diverse reactions from his audience.

In a world where societal norms often dictate behaviors and appearances, Bahati’s boldness in embracing cross-dressing challenges traditional stereotypes, leading to concerns, particularly in conservative communities.

In his latest video, Bahati confidently claims to outshine many of his critics’ girlfriends in terms of appearance and style.

There have been speculations that Diana Marua might be influencing him to engage in such unconventional content. Some of his fans believe that during his gospel music days, such a transformation would have been unlikely. Additionally, there are those who assert that the citizens of Mathare made the right decision by not voting him as an MP in the 2022 general elections.

As Bahati’s journey continues to evolve, the public’s perception and acceptance of his new artistic direction remain subjects of ongoing discussion and debate. Only time will tell how his unconventional choices will shape his career and public image in the long run.