Ringtone Apoko: Diana Marua Anaspread Umalaya Tu!

Ringtone Apoko, a renowned figure in Kenya’s gospel music industry, has recently criticized Diana Marua, the wife of Kevin Bahati, for her latest song ‘Kuoga na kurudi soko’. In an interview with an online media outlet, Ringtone claimed that Marua’s song promotes prostitution and encourages young women to engage in it.

Ringtone argued that the message in Marua’s song does not offer any guidance or advice for young women who aspire to achieve success in life. Instead, it caters to the interests of prostitutes and harlots who seek to move from one relationship to another.

Moreover, Ringtone expressed concern that Marua’s influence as a musician could impact young girls who look up to her. He feared that they might follow her example and be tempted to indulge in behaviors promoted in her song.

Ringtone suggested that Marua should consider singing songs that offer a positive message to the current generation. He believed that it was time to motivate young people to work hard and smart, rather than encourage them to move from one relationship to another.

In Ringtone’s view, Marua’s latest song was of poor quality and lacked a valuable message. He encouraged her to create music that inspires people and encourages them to be good citizens in society.