Juliani Confirms Relationship With ex-governor' s wife Lilian Nganga
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Juliani Confirms Relationship With ex-governor’ s wife Lilian Nganga

Lilian Nganga turned into talk of the town after she reported that their relationship with Alfred mutua has reached to a point of no return. Both had been in a relationship for ten years but later broke up a month ago, Lilian was seen in the birthday party of her Ex sweetheart Alfred mtua even in the wake of separating . Lilian has been seen with Juliani severally.

Juliani also broke up with her lover and he has brought it out clear to the light that he is involved with Lilian Nganga ex lover to governor Alfred mtua . Juliani confirmed it on his Instagram account that they have been involved with Lilian Nganga who has already broken up with governor Alfred mtua a month ago.

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The two lovers have been all the rage after they were suspected to be in a relationship Juliani and lilian Nganga have put the matter straight in the public limelight.