Kikuyu Man ‘King’ori Wambaki’ Making Millions Selling ‘Muratina’ In The United Kingdom

A Kenyan entrepreneur is amassing considerable wealth through the production of an illicit Kikuyu concoction, this time operating in the United Kingdom, often referred to as the land of honey and milk.

King’ori Wambaki, known as the Kikuyu Man, has been residing in the UK for over 27 years, initially arriving as a student and later transitioning to employment. His signature blend, labeled “Muratelia,” commands prices ranging from £10 to £25, whether distributed through eateries or retail outlets.

Wambaki has adapted to utilizing locally available ingredients in the UK, citing the difficulty and expense of sourcing them from Kenya. Originating from Othaya in Nyeri County, he reveals that his entrepreneurial venture surpasses the financial gains he could achieve through regular employment.

The resourceful entrepreneur employs a unique approach, incorporating elements of modeling to promote his products. Despite facing minimal competition, Wambaki expresses satisfaction with his unconventional and lucrative business, emphasizing that it fulfills a dream job for him.