Actor Chinedu Ikedieze Of (Aki & PAWPAW) with his Tall Son (Photos)

Renowned Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki, proudly shared a glimpse of his adorable son in a recent photograph.

In the image, the actor and his son sported matching tops in harmonizing colors, although they diverged in their choice of joggers. Chinedu Ikedieze was seen donning a vibrant yellow pair, while his little boy opted for trousers in a subtle carton hue.

Social media buzzed with reactions as fans and followers expressed their sentiments:

@Pineapplemodel remarked, “The child will grow up to realize the legendary father he has.”

@wildflower__b added humorously, “He might end up taller than his dad.”

kings_thing chimed in, saying, “Stand up; I want to check something.”

Concerns about the age of Aki’s son emerged, with @sleek_macqueen questioning, “I hope he’s not already 20 years old?”

@mckpolokpolo humorously speculated, “Why is he kneeling down? I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.”

@beulah_lovelyn observed, “The son seems to have surpassed his father in height. Dad even knelt down to avoid it being too obvious. So cute!”