Pastor Ezekiel Slams Luo Men For Being The Most Unfaithful In Kenya 

Pastor Ezekiel delivered a sermon addressing issues of faithfulness among Luo men, stating, “Luo men are known for their love, but they turn a blind eye when a tempting opportunity arises,” in a viral video that has sparked controversy….CONTINUE READING

The outspoken preacher criticized men from the Luo community, labeling them as the most notorious skirt-chasers across Kenya. While acknowledging their reputation as the most romantic men in the country, Ezekiel faulted them for an insatiable appetite for engaging in relationships with different partners.

“In Luo communities, men express love for their wives, but finding a faithful Luo man is a rare blessing. He doesn’t notice when a tempting opportunity passes by. There are those who have come from there; they don’t see the skirt,” Pastor Ezekiel remarked.

Ezekiel emphasized that Luo men cherish their wives like precious jewels, yet paradoxically, they expect their spouses not to object to their extramarital affairs.

“He loves his wife, buying her even a radio that matches the house, but he says, ‘Why are you bothered? You have a big radio, relax, baby,'” Pastor Ezekiel added.