Claire Njuguna: Journey from Chicken Farming to Dominating Kenya’s Layer Cage Market

In the vibrant landscape of Kenyan business ventures, Claire Njuguna Kinyanjui and her partner have distinguished themselves as the premier importers and distributors of layer cages, amassing over a decade of industry experience.

Operating from Juja, Claire’s enterprise, Renray-Layers Battery Cages, is nestled in Kenyatta Road Estate. Here, she rears chickens and oversees a warehouse dedicated to her cage business.

Claire’s foray into poultry entrepreneurship began in 2014 when she saw the potential for expanding her chicken farming business. Confronted with limited space and resources, she sought innovative solutions, eventually discovering a new technology for housing chickens in cages—a concept then novel in Kenya.

Despite the uncharted territory, Claire courageously invested her savings to import her first shipment of layer cages from China. This pivotal decision not only revolutionized her business but also had a lasting impact on Kenya’s poultry industry.

Anticipating the arrival of her first consignment, Claire harnessed the power of social media to drum up interest. The reaction was overwhelming, with numerous inquiries and pre-orders from enthusiastic customers. Seizing this momentum, Claire pre-sold the cages, a strategic move that catapulted her business to success.

“I didn’t have the money to clear the cages and had planned to take a loan for that. However, when customers started placing deposits, I got the funds to clear the cages. I then found a technician, and with the help of my supplier who sent a video on how to install them, we were able to install the cages for our customers,” Claire explained.

The quality and reliability of Claire’s cages quickly earned her a loyal customer base, with 90 percent of her clientele coming from referrals. Supported by her husband, Mr. Kinyanjui, Claire not only sold cages but also provided holistic solutions for aspiring poultry farmers, reflecting her unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and empowerment.

Understanding the challenges faced by novice farmers, Claire began offering contract farming services. This included providing cages equipped with mature, point-of-lay birds at four months old, ready to start laying eggs immediately. “Some customers want to rear chickens but don’t want to raise chicks. So, we provide a package where we rear the chicks for up to four months. When you buy a cage, you also get the chickens, which start laying eggs immediately, helping you to quickly start your business,” Claire elaborated.

Claire’s support extends beyond sales. She actively assists her clients in accessing markets for their produce through partnerships with schools, supermarkets, and other outlets, ensuring farmers have sustainable avenues to sell their eggs. “Sometimes beginners ask where they can sell their eggs. We have partners in the business who buy and sell to schools, supermarkets, and other outlets,” Claire noted.

Education and training are also pivotal to Claire’s business model. She offers comprehensive guidance on cage usage and maintenance, equipping farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the competitive poultry market.

To further support Kenya’s poultry industry, Claire has established partnerships with financial institutions like Equity Bank and KWFT, providing farmers with essential financing options. Through these collaborations, she aims to dismantle barriers to entry, creating opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

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