Village elders conduct a cleansing ritual at Brian Chira’s home

Elders from Gathanje Village in Githunguri sub-County, Kiambu County, gathered at the late TikToker Brian Chira’s family home on Friday for traditional cleansing rituals. Clad in customary Agikuyu attire, these elders deemed the rituals imperative following complaints from family and neighbors about the perceived lack of respect and morality exhibited by young mourners during Chira’s funeral, which drew hundreds of attendees.

The elders deemed the events of March 26, 2024, at the burial as taboo and believed that conducting these rituals would help dispel any lingering negative energies. Expressing dismay, one elder highlighted the inappropriate attire, smoking, alcohol consumption, and disregard for religious customs displayed by some attendees. Such behavior was deemed disrespectful to the Kikuyu traditions and an affront to the values they uphold. Furthermore, the indiscriminate urination observed during the event was deemed entirely unacceptable.

There was a broader concern voiced by the elders regarding the apparent departure of Kenyan youth from their cultural and religious roots. They expressed worries about the implications for future generations and the upbringing of their offspring. The elders felt that the behavior witnessed at Chira’s funeral underscored a deeper societal issue that needed addressing.

The call for a cleansing ceremony aimed to rid the village of any lingering negative influences and to reaffirm the importance of cultural values and traditions. Despite the challenges faced by the elders in maintaining the sanctity of the burial site, they remained resolute in their efforts to preserve their cultural heritage.

Chira’s popularity on TikTok was evident through the significant fundraising efforts by his online fans, who raised over KSh8 million for his burial expenses. Spearheaded by Baba Talisha, the online fundraiser sought to give Chira a dignified farewell.

Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in Kiambu on March 16. Reports suggested that he was intoxicated and involved in an altercation with a boda boda rider, leading to his fatal encounter with a speeding lorry.

Prior to his funeral, a memorial service was held in his honor at Rainbow Resort in Ruiru, organized by his online supporters. Chira’s rise to fame on TikTok stemmed from his firsthand account of a road accident, which garnered significant attention on the platform.