Samidoh Blocked From Exiting The Stage In Doha Qatar After Finishing His Show

If you frequently visit social media pages you must have come across Samidoh at some point. He is a social media influencer and a Kikuyu Benga musician who is well grounded to be distracted by ney sayers.

Samidoh appears to be the most favored and loved Benga musician in the country and abroad where he has been outside the country time after another performing. Some hours ago, he was in Qatar where they showed him excessive hospitality and love.

He posted on his Facebook page thanking Qatar people for their love saying he was humbled. Kenyans in Qatar were talking about the show in the comments section saying it was the best they have ever had.

One of his followers shared a video clip when Samido was ending the Mugithii show where he sang the last song, removed his cap and said goodbye asking to see them next time. As he was about to leave the stage he was blocked and forced to wear his cap again as Kenyans are heard asking him where he is trying to go. He was forced to continue with Mugithi which left his fans cheering which showed how much they love him.