A Former Kiss TV presenter Ezekiel taken to a local prophetess for prayers after going mad – He has been living in the streets for the last 3 years VIDEO

Former Kiss TV presenter, Ezekiel Apindi, has recently turned to spiritual intervention after facing challenging times.

Apindi, who once hosted the popular Jah Rise reggae show during the TV station’s early days, has been struggling, and in a bid to find solace, his friends and family took him to visit a local preacher known as Prophetess Imani for prayers.

A video circulating on Tiktok captured the poignant moment when the disheveled presenter entered the place of worship and knelt at the altar seeking divine help.

Prophetess Imani, perceiving Apindi’s plight, began earnestly praying for his deliverance. It was evident that Apindi had been going through a difficult period, and the preacher aimed to provide him with much-needed spiritual healing.

During the prayer session, something unusual happened. The prophetess noticed that Apindi had been carrying around various items in his pockets, seemingly collecting random pieces of rubbish. With her guidance, Apindi reluctantly put down some of the items, as the preacher encouraged him to let go of the unnecessary burdens he had been carrying.

Apindi’s life took a turn for the worse in the last three years, as he found himself homeless on the streets of Ongata Rongai after being evicted by his landlord. In desperation, he reached out to fellow Kenyans for help, attributing his misfortunes to witchcraft.

In a past interview, Apindi spoke about the prevailing belief in witchcraft and how he felt it was obstructing his progress. He described a struggle between negative and positive energies, making it challenging for him to find the support he needed, as there was no tangible evidence to prove his predicament.

With his recent encounter with Prophetess Imani, Apindi’s hope for a positive change may have been rekindled. Perhaps this spiritual intervention will provide him with the strength and guidance to overcome the obstacles he has faced, and eventually lead him towards a path of healing and improvement.

It is a reminder that life’s journey can be tumultuous, and seeking help, whether from spiritual sources or otherwise, is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the desire for a better life. As Apindi walks this path of seeking healing, many hope that he finds the support and assistance he needs to rebuild his life and regain a sense of stability and purpose.