Betty Kyalo speaks of dating a 21 year old Ben 10

Betty Kyallo, the esteemed journalist from TV47, adamantly refutes assertions circulating on Kenyan social media platforms alleging that her new partner is significantly younger, even half her age.

Kyallo made her stance unequivocally clear during a candid conversation with Eric Omondi on the show, debunking rumors suggesting her partner is a 21-year-old Kenyan or even a resident of the country, as some unfounded speculations had suggested.

In recent times, Betty has been sharing glimpses of her personal life on social media, unveiling gifts from her undisclosed partner, accompanied by affectionate captions professing her admiration for him.

She took to Instagram on Mother’s Day, sharing a picture alongside a new 77-inch TV, a generous gift from her partner, along with a bouquet of flowers.

A particular photo, featuring Betty and her partner clad in matching attire, triggered a flurry of speculation. Some asserted they knew the individual in the image, identifying him as Jay, a 21-year-old acquaintance from Machakos Boys’ School.

Reading out comments from fans, Eric Omondi relayed claims linking Betty to this purported acquaintance, to which Betty vehemently denied, expressing her astonishment at such unfounded rumors.

“Much of what circulates online is far from the truth, particularly the assertion of a 21-year-old partner,” Kyallo asserted.

In a lighter vein, she humorously reflected on the dynamics of love, suggesting that older men, burdened by familial and other responsibilities, may demonstrate affection differently.

“But love prevails, nonetheless,” she added.

The speculation surrounding Betty’s relationship escalated following her revelation on “Friday With Betty” that she was involved in a serious and fulfilling relationship.

“My partner hails from the western region. I am now content and at peace,” Kyallo disclosed.

Eric Omondi chimed in, sharing his own experience of a significant age gap with his partner, Lynee, with whom they share a daughter.