DJ Pierra Makena On Why She Is Still not Married At 40

Kenyan female DJ Pierra Makena, at the age of 42, recently shared insights into her unmarried status, shedding light on her perspective and choices.

Pierra is recognized for her determination, beauty, and diligent work ethic. However, in a candid interview with Oga Obinna, she disclosed that she hasn’t found her Mr. Right yet.

Defying societal norms, Pierra challenges the notion that there’s an age limit for marriage. She refuses to conform to societal pressures, emphasizing that she won’t settle for the wrong partner simply to appease others.

When asked about her ideal partner, Pierra expressed her desire for someone who is God-fearing, hardworking, and hygienic, rather than someone solely based on wealth. She also emphasized the importance of mutual attraction and compatibility, including being a good kisser.

Despite her openness to romance and the prospect of having more children, Pierra admits she’s hesitant to make the first move out of fear of rejection, having experienced it before.

Regarding her relationship with her daughter’s father, Pierra has chosen not to publicly reveal his identity or discuss their co-parenting arrangement. However, in a recent interview with Milele FM radio Presenter Ankali Ray, she revealed that he is an absentee father.

Pierra’s tone regarding her daughter’s father is one of acceptance rather than bitterness. She acknowledges his absence in their child’s life but maintains her dignity by refusing to beg for his involvement. Instead, she embraces her role as a single parent, choosing to focus on her daughter’s well-being without resentment towards her ex-partner.