Man Who used 28 MILLION TO Transform Himself Into a Dog Steps Out in Public For The First Time

A Japanese man recently achieved his lifelong desire to transform himself into a dog, having spent over Ksh 2.8 Million on the transformation process. Known as Toco, he expressed his fascination with becoming an animal dating back to his early childhood.

Toco invested a substantial amount of two million Yen, approximately $22,000, to acquire a remarkably lifelike dog costume, enabling him to fulfill his fantasy of “becoming an animal.”

The intriguing journey of Toco was shared on his YouTube channel, where a video showcased his first public walk as a human-dog hybrid. With a leash around his neck, he confidently strolled through the park, exhibiting behavior typical of dogs. Sniffing and interacting with other dogs, he rolled on the ground just as they do.

Intriguingly, Toco chose to conceal his human identity and face from the public eye, primarily to avoid judgment from people he knows. He explained that he wanted to keep his unique hobby private, especially from his colleagues, as they might perceive his desire to be a dog as strange or peculiar.

Despite his reservations, Toco’s first public outing as a dog was a resounding success. He instantly made new friends in the canine community, enjoying the company of fellow furry companions.

Toco’s remarkable transformation and courage to embrace his passion have captivated the attention of many, highlighting the diverse and fascinating aspects of human self-expression and identity.