I woke from the same bed with Samidoh before Dubai drama ~ Karen Nyamu -

I woke from the same bed with Samidoh before Dubai drama ~ Karen Nyamu

Senator Karen Nyamu has been the center of attention among Kenyan citizens following a recent incident at Samidoh’s concert in Dubai. A video of the drunk senator being escorted by security has been widely circulated on social media.

The video shows Karen attempting to access the stage during Samidoh’s performance, but her efforts were quickly thwarted by the quick response of the security team. In response to the online criticism, Karen has claimed that alcohol was the cause of the commotion.

The remorseful mother of two has pledged to give up hard drinking by 2023 and has made the declaration live on her Facebook page. “I will stop drinking by 2023, mniombee,” she said.

Karen also revealed that she had slept with Samidoh the night before the incident. She expressed her confusion about how one could go to bed with someone and then pretend not to know them in the evening. She ended her relationship with Samidoh to avoid further drama and has declared him her ex.

In conclusion, the incident in Dubai has sparked a lot of discussion among Kenyans and has brought Karen’s personal life into the spotlight. Despite the backlash, Karen has taken responsibility for her actions and has made a public commitment to change her ways.