MP Peter Salasya Offers to Build Simple Boy a house

MP Peter Salasya has made a commitment to assist Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy in acquiring a new residence. After learning about Stevo’s financial struggles and lack of income from his music, the MP reached out to him.

Recognizing the difficulties of starting from scratch, Peter Salasya expressed his determination to aid Stevo in finding a new home. The MP instructed Stevo to begin searching for a house of his liking as of tomorrow, assuring him that he would facilitate the move and cover the rent for the initial three months. Additionally, he pledged to purchase new furniture and other essentials to transform the new house into a comfortable living space.

“On Monday, you will have a brand-new home. I will assist you in moving and cover the first three months’ rent to help you stabilize. Furthermore, I will furnish the new house with new furniture,” stated Peter Salasya.

Furthermore, MP Peter Salasya promised to construct a house for Stevo in his hometown of Oyugis if those who had previously pledged to do so failed to fulfill their promise within 15 days.

Peter Salasya recognized Stevo Simple Boy as a talented artist who has faced challenges and exploitation from those around him. He advised Stevo to become self-reliant and seek his own opportunities without relying on others. The MP also called out bloggers and content creators who have exploited Stevo for personal gain without offering any assistance.

“I want to express my gratitude to all those who provided me with the means to reach #StevoSimpleBoy. His frustrations deeply moved me, and many people, including Eric Omondi, visited him only to make empty promises and gain popularity through association. Stevo is genuine and transparent, and I appreciate his honesty. I will relocate him to a new house on Monday and provide him with household items to start a fresh life. I have advised him to distance himself from fake managers and become his own manager, just as I handled every aspect of my own campaign, budget management, and transportation. Surrounding yourself with the right people is more crucial than having numerous useless individuals around. Our meeting with him at #Serena this evening was productive,” remarked Peter Salasya.