“I have 6 diplomas, 2 masters and 2 degrees”- ‘Na siringi’ Babu Owino Brags

Babu Owino is not one to shy away from showcasing his numerous academic qualifications. During an interview with Citizen TV, the politician shared an interesting insight into why he has attained so many degrees.

According to Owino, he pursued higher education for his family members who had not had the opportunity to attend school. He stated that he obtained a first-class honours degree in Actuarial Science for his mother, a Master’s degree in Actuarial Science for his brother, and a Master’s degree in Law for his sister. Additionally, he revealed that he had completed six different diplomas for his relatives.

This is a unique and admirable approach to education, as Owino has not only sought to advance his own career but has also used his education to uplift his family members. By obtaining various academic qualifications for his loved ones, he has set an excellent example of the importance of education and the value of giving back to one’s family.