Pimp My Ride show was a Fake!

OMG!!  Former contestants of MTV’s Pimp My Ride have revealed that much of the show was faked.
                                                                                    U.S rapper Xzibit
According to the “Huffington Post”, 
many of the flashy upgrades installed by rapper Xzibit and his West Coast Customs crew didn’t work, made the car worse or were simply taken out as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.
The show, was enormously popular when it debuted in 2004, featured participants who had clapped out cars, which would then be repaired and ‘pimped out’ with new paint jobs, interiors and rims.
The show also earned a reputation for its extravagant auto features such as adding pool tables, arcade machines, shoe racks, clothes dryers and chandeliers to cars.  

A 1988 Daihatsu Hi-Jet was transformed on the MTV show Pimp My Ride, hosted by rapper Xzibit. Former contestants of the show have now revealed that many of the flashy upgrades to their cars were faked

The rear of the minivan, before and after it has had its drastic makeover. However contestants of the MTV show have said on Reddit that many of the flashy features were unusable

However a number of former contestants revealed in separate Reddit AMA’s that many of the customizations were only put in for the sake of the show.
‘They actually take out a lot of the stuff that they showed on TV,’ said Justin Dearinger, whose Toyota Rav4 was given ‘pop-up champagne contraption’ and a ‘drive in theater’ – both of which were taken out when the episode wrapped.
He added the former was removed because they didn’t want to be seen condoning drink driving; the latter because it simply wasn’t road safe.

Well folks, looks like nothing comes for free after all.

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